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  • linea di back-end LED SMD
    • Asta: 9 giorni rimasti

    ASM Standard 2835 top view package, PLCC 2 and 4

    Germania | Erfurt

    Anno di fare: 2012

    150.000 € $ 159.891 £ 129.608

    consists of die bonder AD 830, Inspection station, Curing Oven MC 609H, Buffer IBE 139h, wire bonders iHawkXtreme, Dispensing / Jetting machine DS 830, Inspection station, Curing Oven MC 609H, singulation Machine MP-TAB, LED sorting machine SLS 230T, Tester TLB 203EX, taping machine SLT 400

  • Solar Cell Shunt Linea isolamento
    • Asta: 9 giorni rimasti

    Hörmann ITS Cell Pss10-HS

    Anno di fare: 2011

    999.999 € $ 1.065.945 £ 864.058

    Charging station, consisting of: 1 circulating loading conveyor with 7 magazines, 1 separation Robots, 1 turntable with 8 grippers, 1 modular magnetic conveyor, with 22 shuttles and 2 rotary units - 1 back inspection, consisting of: 1 4-megapixel camera, for the optical inspection of Back of the PV cells, with a 17 "TFT control monitor Philips - 1 Laser-border isolation station, consisting of: 2 lasers F50 to isolate the limits of PV cells, With a 19 "TFT control monitor Philips and control unit - 1 Short circuit detection station for optical detection of short circuits in solar cells - 1 Short Spaghetti Station, consisting of: 4 Laser F50 for galvanic isolation of short circuit Circuits in PV cells 1 frontside inspection, consisting of: 1 11-megapixel camera for optical quality control, with A 17 "TFT control monitor Philips and a control unit in a 19" server rack - 1 Flasher, for electrical characterization of solar cells, comprising: 1 flashing light, 1 controller and e

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  • Pelle per i vestiti
    • Asta: 17 giorni rimasti

    Pelle per i vestiti

    Italia | Pettoranello del Molise

    115.000 € $ 122.583 £ 99.366

    Lot composed of leather rolls, including a.o.: tassel, suede, leather, veal, mutton, kangaroo, python, crocodile, cheetah, lizard and others. All this stuff is in rolls and placed in plate coil-suspenders/racks at different heights. Coil-suspenders and racks are NOT included. We strongly suggest to take a physical tour on-site in viewing days.

  • Lotto di tessuti
    • Asta: 17 giorni rimasti

    Lotto di tessuti

    Italia | Pettoranello del Molise

    915.000 € $ 975.340 £ 790.613

    Fabrics of various types, including a.o.: cotton, denim, reinforcing fabrics, silk, duvet (various grammage), wool, lining materials, wadding (various grammage), quilt (various grammage), jersey, piquet, tulle, etc.; fabric rolls approx. Height 1,50mt. Part of fabrics are box-packaged. Fabric rolls are placed in fabric coil-suspender/metal racks. This lot is a bulk-sale. Coil-suspenders and metal racks are NOT included. We strongly suggest to take a physical tour on-site in viewing days.

  • preparazione della terra verde Eirich, 15-18 t / h

    Consisting of: - mixer Eirich RV15 - Polygonal - water metering mixing fields MICOM 3 - weighing hopper for used sand - weighing hopper for additives - spin Samum -Textilbunkeranlage with 4 bunkers, discharge conveyors - Various conveyor belts - 1 Steilförderband- control Siemens S5 CPU115U

  • Durfieux ITB Lama foratura e montaggio della macchina
    • Prezzo stabilito

    Durfieux ITB Lama foratura e montaggio della macchina

    Stati Uniti

    2010 Durfieux ITB Blade Drilling and assembly machine, Workplace Dimensions: Diameter Max 7000mm, length Max 12000mm, Weight Max 300 tonnes, Technical Data Indexing Faceplate drive power 266 kW, torque capacity 60,000 Nm, speed Max 2 RPM, number of jaws , 8, faceplate slide about 2000mm, positioning accuracy 0.001 degree Specifications bezel: Attraction bezel is Hydrostat, number of bezels (2) pieces, workplace Supported Dia range 400-1000 mm, capacity. of each bezel is 150000KG w / Chip drip pan, Associated oil pumps and coolant pumps, material Jib crane on Control Platform, Siemens Sinumerik digital controls, material lift, Riptal Control Box, M

  • Bio-diesel impianto di produzione di PPM, 66.000 t / a, Bj 2006/2007 (Località: Regensburg).
    • Prezzo stabilito

    Bio-diesel impianto di produzione di PPM, 66.000 t / a, Bj 2006/2007 (Località: Regensburg).

    Description For sale is a finished, functional plant for the production of biodiesel according to DIN E 14214 from rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and use cooking oil. As by-products, approximately 16% crude glycerine for use in biogas plants. Read More The plant consists of two production modules, each with: 3 stainless steel reaction tanks, stainless steel vacuum recipient, 2 stainless steel ion-exchangers, 2 heaters, evaporators, stainless steel washers, stainless steel separator tank, stainless steel reactor tank, stainless steel feeding and intermediate storage tanks, 2 liquid centrifuge Gea or CINC, feed pumps, flow meters, flow filters, edge filter system, switch and control cabinet, control Fabr. Siemens Simatic S7 400 with cpl. Stainless steel piping with feed pumps Close Exposé as PDF

  • RP 10 Tube Turn Shaping System
    • Prezzo stabilito


    Germania | Lohne (Oldenburg)

    Consisting of roller feed length 12000 mm roller width 1000 mm motor-driven rollenn metal band saw AMADA H 1080, YOM 1987 hydraulic workpiece clamping device passage max. 1000 mm, with coolant device roller feeding and tilting device roller with 1000 mm reoller length max. 450 mm tube turn press SIEKMANN RP 10, YOM 1967 turn dimensions 2 D/SR 20 - 30", 3 D/LR 16 - 42", 5 D 20 - 32", heating exclusively via induction and natural gas, hydraulic piston diameter max. 420 mm piston bar diameter 400 mm, pressing force 750 mP noml stroke 5500 mm tube passage max. 822 mm tube length max. 5400 mm feed max. 0.58 m/min, system is ideal for shaping inox WP 91, WP 92, tube punching system, 5 arbor bars, 1 x diameter 193 mm, length 8100 mm, 1 x diameter 273 mm, length 8200 mm, 1 x diameter 362 mm, length 8200 mm, 1 x diameter 457 mm, length 7750 mm, 1 x diameter 520 mm, length 8360 mm, 3 arbor bars extensions, diameter 193 mm, length 6100 mm, diameter 260 mm, length 6100 mm, and diameter 44 mm, leng

  • Linea Automatica Produzione Pannelli CIMSA LPP/100
    • Asta: 2 giorni rimasti

    CIMSA LPP/100

    Italia | Montemiletto

    50.000 € $ 53.297 £ 43.202

    Linea automatica lavorazione lamiera in Quadrotti, con conseguente formatura del prodotto finito Materiali utilizzati AISI 304 o 430 spessore 0.7-0.5 mm, dimensione foglio 2100 x 1000 mm, Stazione di carico a doppio banco, banco di allineamento, stazione tranciatura a 180 bar, stazione di piegatura e schiacciatura 180 bar, stazione di piega finale 180 bar, stazione piega alette 180 bar, stazione piega testate 180 bar, stazione piega longitudinale negativa 150 bar, stazione piega longitudinale positiva 150 bar, stazione di piega longitudinale a raggio, rulliera di scarico, velocità di avanzamento 60 m/min, controllo SIEMENS Sinumerik, matricola LPP/100/0428, vedere foto

  • KD 1015CNC STRUTTURALE PROFILO SAW & linea di trapano
    • Prezzo stabilito

    Kaltenbach KALTENBACH

    Anno di fare: 2006

    HDM 1432 MITER SAW LINE HDM 1432 MITER SAW LINE . . Working Range: Working Range: 9.84" 90° Angle 250mm 90° Angle U-Channel: U-Channel: 15.75" 400mm Working Range Square: Working Range Square: 17.32" x17.32" 440mm x 440 mm Standard Beams: Standard Beams: 47.24" x17.72" 1200mm x 450mm Diameter and Width: Diameter and Width: 56.30" x0.37" 1430mm x 9.5mm Infinitely Variable Cutting Speed: Infinitely Variable Cutting Speed: 8 m/min - 30 m/min 8 m/min - 30 m/min Reverse Speed: Reverse Speed: 0 - 30 m/min 0 - 30m/min . Special Wide Flange Beams and Welding Beams Special Wide Flange Beams and Welding Beams . Contour Marking System Contour Marking System . Less than 500 Hours Less than 500 Hours . . KD 1015 DRILL LINE KD 1015 DRILL LINE . . Angle Working Range Minimum: Angle Working Range Minimum: 2.56" x1.97" x0.35" 65mm x 50mm x 9 mm Angle Working Range Maximum: Angle Working Range Maximum: 9.84" x9.84" x1.10" 250mm x 250mm x 28mm U-Profile Minimum: U-Profile Minimum: 2.56" x1.65" 65mm x 42m

  • In vendita: Linea di produzione - DUBUS
    • Prezzo stabilito

    In vendita: Linea di produzione - DUBUS


    10.000 € $ 10.659 £ 8.640

    ligne entaillage perçage au défilé avec transfert comprenant bande de transport, plage de transfert MAAS, perceuse au défilé DUBUS d '' '' occasion transfert de sortie Tenonneuse avec changement de direction (cycle carré) courroies motorisées entailleur Crémone au défilé perceuse CN horizontal tapis pour introduction 4 faces moulurière online notching line with transfer Comprising tape transport, transfer range MAAS, drill parade Dubus used - transfer output tenoning machine

  • PR Tecnologia test set
    • Asta: 4 giorni rimasti

    PR Tecnologia test set

    90 € $ 95 £ 77

    1x PR Technology Aluminum test fixture receivers for food industry. V.v. Aluminum setup, Siemens control, Siemsn Sitop battery, etc. Dim. Compilation approximately 230cm x 110cm x 90cm.

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